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Under Black (gel thermal)


  • Color: A top coat with a thermal effect that turns any polish into a thermal. In its cool state it’s very dark, almost black, and one coat is enough for the full effect. In its warm state the top coat makes the base polish slightly muted and cloudy without altering its color.
  • Size: 6ml
  • In the photo: Applied over a purple base
  • Big 5 Free, Vegan & Cruelty-free
  • Ships with love from Los Angeles

  • Handling Time: 2-24 Hours

  • Delivery Time:  2-4 Days

  • For orders value $0.00 –$11.80, shipping fee is $4.5.

  • For orders value $11.90 – $23.60, shipping fee is $5.2.

  • For orders value $23.70 – $35.40 shipping fee is $5.7.

  • For orders value $35.50 – $39.90 shipping fee is $7.

  • For orders value $40.00 and up, shipping is FREE!

  • Apply a thin coat of base coat gel polish onto your nails then cure under the UV Led lamp for 120 seconds.

  • Apply one thin coat of gel polish and cure for 120 seconds.

  • Do another layer and cure for another 120 seconds.

  • Apply the top coat then cure it under the lamp for 120 seconds.


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